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Started in the Spring of 2016, Telescore Project is a world-wide collaborative art project, which takes Iyamari’s artistic interest in time and perception into a different direction. It aims to familiarise the viewers with the cross-species interaction and coexistence of trees and humans. Specific trees, and their area of origin, are presented in short films inspired by the local area’s culture. The films use a soundtrack created by digitally processing the tree’s cross-sections into sound. The soundtrack is incorporated into the project work for the performance artists to interpret the music, and the tree’s significance to the given area, into a dance or performance.


Trees and humans have been sharing the environment for a long time. There are trees with symbolic meanings in almost every area in every country. Additionally, there are particular culture traditions which have flourished around the use of these trees. This shows us how human cultures are affected by land and environment. Our project tries to bring them together and present the ‘relationship of the tree and human'.

Choreographer and performer: Joel O'Donoghue

Director: Iyamari

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