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The classes I teach are release based, with aspects of physical theatre, choreology and David Zambrano's flying low technique also integrated. The movement I teach has a constant flow of energy, even when in stillness. I am interested in discovering how the velocity of movement and the use of weight can make an action more effortless. The classes I teach are self exploratory, and often include improvised based tasks. 

When working with set material I am interested in seeing how new bodies can adapt movement to make it their own. I give an outline of what the movement looks like, paying particular attention to it's pathway through space, for people to use as a rough guide. I am interested in seeing the decisions different groups and individuals make. My classes therefore require a strong internal presence and spatial awareness.

I work as an education outreach teacher for TrinityLaban, at a range of different secondary schools across south east London. In 2016 I worked as a guest teacher and choreographer at University of Cumbria for a two month period. During my time there I choreographed The Village of Lazy (pictured below) on the BA2 students.

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