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Joel and Lorea have worked together as front of house staff members at Sadler's Wells for the past 3 years. When working with one another they are often mistaken to be brother and sister. Sibs is the first performance project they have embarked on together. The work is an ongoing investigation into how to create a dance piece with no initial idea or stimulus. Together they have created a series of short sketches about elbows, copying, bad dancing, and creaky chairs. Sibs is Joel and Lorea's own take on theatre of the absurd. 

Choreographers: Joel O'Donoghue and Lorea Burge Badiola

Composer: Ben Grant

Performers: Joel O'Donoghue and Lorea Burge Badiola 

Supported by: The Place, Tripspace and All We Can Do Is Dance.   

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