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Paul's record collection

Paul Tucker was the second participant for the research of Lofts, Garages and Basement's: Treasure and Tat. Paul is a Tai Chi teacher and Shiatsu practitioner, and is the owner of Equilibrium Complementary Health Centre, Lewes. Paul showed me his record collection in his garage. I asked him to pick a couple of records we could listen to. The two records he chose were by Bob Marley, Lively Up Yourself, and Credence Clearwater, Willy And The Poor Boys.  When we were listening to the track Lively Up Yourself, Paul said to me (with a great deal of fondness) brings it all back

When Paul was a young lad he would often walk past the record shop in his hometown Stonely, Cambridgeshire. When walking past he would stare longingly in to the shop window at the different records on display. Wily and The Poor Boys by Credence Clearwater was his first ever record, and cost him 39 and 6 pence. He was however disappointed with the album. Credence Clearwater was also the first band he ever saw live. He did this against his fathers wishes, climbing out of his bedroom window on the ground floor and journeying to London with his best friend Julian. His father didn't speak to him for three days afterwards. However, in Pauls opinion, it was more then worth it.  

Bob Marley reminds Paul of his late teens and early twenties, when he was hopping between squats and sharred accommodation in London. Paul once lived in Notting Hill, in a block of apartments called Trellick tower, which was a 27 story building designed by brutalist style architect Ernő Goldfinger. Paul remembers that if you went up to the roof of the flats it felt like the building would be swaying slightly. Paul went to see Bob Marley live once in Stafford, inside a huge barn (he doesn't remember what it was called).


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