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My first Blog post

So this is my first blog post. Why have I started a blog? I'm not sure really. I seem to always be writing thoughts and ideas down on a sketchpad, the back of an envelope or any other spare piece of paper that comes to hand. I like doing this. However, I have not yet found an effective way of cataloguing or appropriately arranging these pieces of paper, and I am quickly losing track them. A blog I have decided is a slightly more organised and professional way of documenting what I am doing and/or wanting to do.  Amongst all of the arty waffle and emotional tirades about the world and my involvement in it, I will be creating a weekly playlist of tuuuuunes. At the end of the year I will be looking back at the different music choices, and trying to see if the tracks selected tell a story of how my year unfolded. Was I happy or sad in November 2017? Was I feeling anti-Christmassy in December 2017, or was I embracing the seasonal joy? I will also be posting a list of my incorrect idioms, badly told puns, and accidental pocket photos. Enjoy.        


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