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My first sound score story

I am currently trying to find a way of notating stories using abstract drawings. I am essentially spending the day drawing doodles. The stories I am currently working with are Claire's pile of papers, Paul's old vinyls, and Sarah's specially made chair (see earlier blog posts). I listen to these recordings, try to picture the context of the different stories, try to find a colour or texture I associate with these imaginary places, and draw from left to right or from bottom to top. As well as picturing the whereabouts of these stories, I am also trying to listen to the sound of the voices, and use lines and shapes to illustrate the pitch and tempo of the sound. I am trying not to make any of the drawings too precise or cartoon like, which is somewhat difficult when drawing a story. I am interested in eventually working with scores of instruction that can be interpreted differently by who ever reads them. I have been investigating hieroglyphics and different graphic notations.


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