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Lucy's childhood medals

I continued my research for Treasure and Tat at The Star of Kings pub, as part of a scratch night called In The Basement curated by Kaiya Waerea. In The Basement consisted of 6 performances by different visual artists and actors. Prior to the performances I went around the pub asking different individuals if they were to move house and could only take one item from there current house with them, what would that item be and why. In exchange for their stories I created a short dance for them. The people I talked to were of a much younger age then the individuals I have previously spoken to. Many people told me they would save their laptops or some other piece of technology. I eventually told people that they weren't allowed to save an electrical item. Here is what the different people I spoke to held most dear to them:

Vinnie told me that he would take his cat with him, as he loved her very dearly. 

Meow would take her bed, as its the first possession she's spent real money on. Although she acknowledges that it may be bit of a challenge rescuing the bed from a burning building.

Sibs would take her pet hedgehog Tiggy. Vincent would take his blue desk because it is the only piece of furniture he's ever brought in his life, and cost a whopping £300.00. Jack would take his jewellery. In particular he would like to save his burberry chain. An un named individual would take the portrait of her dad (from when he was a handsome young man). One story that I particularly liked was Lucy's box of childhood memories. The box includes scrapbooks, photographs and medals from when she was a child. The medals she received where awarded to her by her primary school in recognition of her curtesy, and for best supporting actress in her school play as King Louie in The Jungle Book. One thing she remembers doing particularly well as a supporting actress was mouthing the words to a pre recorded song. She told me that in hindsight she didn't think her costume was very politically correct. 


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