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South London Cares

I recently had the pleasure of leading a dance workshop for South London Cares. As a part of the workshop I asked each of the participants to bring with them an item they felt in some way sentimentally attached to. 

One of the stories that I particular enjoyed was the story behind John's conker. John until recently has never had much of a connection with one of his Grandsons (Henry), and doesn't feel like he has really had the opportunity to get to know him. Recently however, John was able to take him out to the theatre to see a production for children. Mid way through the piece John looked down at Henry and asked him if he was enjoying the show. Henry replied It's lovely, and then gave John one of his conkers as a thank you present. John has kept the conker ever since, and carries it around with him as a good luck charm. I felt as though I was able to associate very well with the story, as I used to go regularly to the theatre with my Grandpa when I was a child. An unnamed individual also spoke to me about her music collection. She said Music makes me feel happy. If I hear music, it doesn't matter what type of music it is, I get on the floor and just do my own thing. She told me that listening to her music made her feel more comfortable in herself, and as a result more sociable with other people at different parties and events. Another unnamed individual said that her most prized possession was a ring that her mum bought her for her 21st birthday. She remembers initially asking her mum for a horse (as a joke), but was still very happy with the ring. So happy in fact, that she hasn't taken it off since.   


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