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Dragging Words


Dragging Words wasn't originally about anything. Joel and Pete began creating the piece without any concept or story in mind (they weren’t even sure if they were making a piece or not!). They wanted to mess around with a few ideas, and in the process learn a bit more about each other’s practice. Pete taught Joel how to sing (a bit) and Joel taught Pete a short movement phrase. As a result of this and other various tasks the pair set one another, they created Dragging Words. For a year they have been tweaking the work, trying to make it more coherent. The end result is something that reflects the development of their collaborative process. Despite their initial aimlessness they have found an understanding of who they are to one another within the work, and made it into a story. This is their take on the quirks of everyday life within the city of London.

Choreographer: Joel O'Donoghue

Composer: Pete Yelding

Lighting Designer: Joshua Gadsby

Performers: Joel O'Donoghue and Pete Yelding

Supported by: The Place, Swallowsfeet Festival, The Old Market Theatre, The Mostly Everything People, Canada Water Culture Space and Equilibrium Complementary Health Centre.

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