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Brain is an investigation in to how loss of memory can change someones sense of identity and connection to society. The work journeys through the brain encountering past thoughts and recollections along the way. Some of these memories appear accurate and real, where as others transcend in to more of a fuzzy fantastical blur.


The work was created in collaboration with elderly residents associated with charities such as South London Cares, Time and Talents and London Bubble Theatre. It is also inspired by Joel's experience of memory loss, following an operation to remove a tumour from his left-temporal lobe.


Choreographer(s): Joel O'Donoghue

Sound Designer: Ben Grant

Performer(s): Lewis Wilkins, Faith Prendergast, and Karl Fagerlund Brekke.

Supported by: Arts Council England, Tripspace, Metal, The Place, South London Cares, Time and Talents, Studio Wayne McGregor, Smikle Dance Studio, Blast Theory, Poplar Union, and London Bubble Theatre.   

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