Treasure and Tat


Everyone’s homes are full of bits of treasure, disguised as tat. These objects may not mean anything to anyone else, and they may not be worth a penny, but to their owners, they have tremendous sentimental value. This is usually because, attached to each of these items, is a story.​

Joel has been collecting some of these stories. He has led movement workshops and interviewed people via a range of charities and community groups, such as London Bubble Theatre Company, South London Cares, Time and Talents, and Dancing to The Music of Time.

In 2003 Joel had a tumour removed from the left temporal lobe of his brain. As a result of the operation his aural and visual memory was impaired. Treasure and Tat is a work that investigates memory loss and sentimentality. 

Choreographer(s): Joel O'Donoghue

Sound Designer: Ben Grant

Performer(s): Lewis Wilkins, Faith Prendergast, and Karl Fagerlund Brekke.

Supported by: Arts Council England, Tripspace, Metal, The Place, South London Cares, Time and Talents and London Bubble Theatre.