Treasure and Tat

Treasure and Tat (2018/19)


Choreographer(s): Joel O'Donoghue

Sound Designer: Ben Grant

Performer(s): Lewis Wilkins, Faith Prendergast, and Karl Fagerlund Brekke.


Everyone’s homes are full of bits of treasure, disguised as tat. These objects may not mean anything to anyone else, and they may not be worth a penny, but to their owners, they have tremendous sentimental value. This is usually because, attached to each of these items, is a story.

Joel has been collecting some of these stories. He has led movement workshops and interviewed people via a range of charities and community groups, such as London Bubble Theatre Company, South London Cares, Time and Talents, and Dancing to The Music of Time.

In 2003 Joel had a tumour removed from the left temporal lobe of his brain. As a result of the operation his aural and visual memory was impaired. Treasure and Tat is a work that investigates memory loss and sentimentality. 

Supported by: Arts Council England, Tripspace, Metal, The Place, South London Cares, Time and Talents and London Bubble Theatre.