In Good Company

In Good Company (2016)


Choreographer: Joel O'Donoghue

Director(s): Daniel Fulvio and Martin Moriarty 

Composer: Pete Yelding

Lighting Designer: Joshua Gadsby

Costume Designer: Rosemary Maltezos

Performer(s): Joel O'Donoghue, Parsifal James Hurst, and Pete Yelding.



Seaford beach is a flat pebble stone beach tucked between a fishing harbour, an incinerator and the white seven sisters chalk cliffs. Along it’s concrete pathway there is an ice-cream van, two cafes, a statue of a cormorant bird, a busy road, several benches and many enthusiastic fishermen and swimmers. It is not a place of beauty in some peoples eyes and has a slow repetitive pace of life, but is a mini haven for residents and visitors. It is a place that seems to be stuck in some kind of time warp, never changing or expanding. It is a place of reassurance that holds an abundance of stories.

Supported by The Place, and Inky Cloak. 

Parsifal James Hurst and Pete Yelding. Photo by Foetini Christofilopoulou

Joel O'Donoghue and Parsifal James Hurst. Photo by Foetini Christofilopoulou

Joel O'Donoghue and Pete Yelding. Photo by Foetini Christofilopoulou

Joel O'Donoghue, Parsifal James Hurst and Pete Yelding. Photo by Foetini Christofilopoulou