Under, around, through, off, and repeat. The action of knitting repeated by bodies in space. 


This project stitches together movement material from past works and reformats them, sort of like a photo album or indeed a patchwork quilt. The work which is part exhibition, part site-specific live performance, and part interactive workshop was created during the lockdown period following the outbreak of COVID-19, from the comfort of my own home. As part of the project I recruited 30 knitting volunteers as well as the 3 dancers, to create the ever expanding patchwork quilt. For more details regarding the work, and it's ongoing develop please visit the following link.

Choreographer: Joel O'Donoghue

Performers: Lewis Wilkins, Faith Prendergast, and Karl Fagerlund Brekke.

Designer: Joel O'Donoghue

Videographer: James Williams

Supported by: Arts Council England, and Poplar Union.